Welcome to Flat Creek Plant Farm

Flat Creek Plant Farm is a family-owned outdoor plant nursery specializing in perennial flowers, shrubs, and evergreens grown for their exceptional performance in Western North Carolina.  We are open seasonally from about Mid February (weather permitting) to October 31st.

What makes our plants awesome?

We aren’t just a retail nursery, we’re growers who are passionate about plants. We’ve grown from a tiny little operation selling on Facebook to a full-service nursery selling thousands of dollars of perennials and shrubs every week.  Trust us, we’ve learned what works the hard way. If we could make a mistake, you can bet we’ve made it, but every year we’ve learned a bit more and continue to be thrilled and fascinated with growing things.

We grow as many plants as can fit in the space we have, and hand-select plants from an ever-growing list of specialty suppliers in the southeast region.  We try to source plants from as locally as possible:  Plants grown from generational nurseries that know the challenges we face in WNC are going to be better plants for you.  Here are a few more ways we make sure that you are getting the best quality plants on the market:

  • Where possible, we make wholesale runs ourselves to put our eyes on the product ourselves and make sure the quality meets our standards. If we get a delivery, Ryan will be here unloading, checking every plant himself.
  • The perennials we grow are started from bare roots or plugs grown from the most cutting-edge plant breeders in the country like Walters Gardens in West Michigan.  Great plants start with great roots, and we never skimp on the quality of our starts.
  • Most (over 90%) of our starts are grown from cuttings or tissue culture, which gives you a plant that you can count on to have the qualities it says it does.
  • We grow in two kinds of specially formulated soilless mix.  Both are based on composted bark and include Canadian peat moss as well as other additives to give each plant the best ratio of oxygen, nutrients, and moisture to thrive.
  • All of our plants, when potted, are top-dressed by hand with a high-quality commercial-grade slow-release fertilizer to give them a steady stream of nutrients throughout the growing season. Adding the fertilizer by hand makes sure that each plant gets an even application all around the root ball, something almost impossible to automate.

Please note:  Plants bought from us during the active growing season will not need any added nutrients of any kind for a FULL YEAR from planting.  For best results, add every bit of the potting mix and fertilizer from the pot into the planting hole, water, and mulch well.  That’s it!

Ok maybe one more thing:  If you are digging into really hard clay, we recommend mixing a little soil conditioner (or any fine bark mulch), in with the native soil.  Say about 30% bark to native soil. Or consider raised beds.

Premium Perennial Flowers

We grow a wide variety of perennials in small batches, from plugs and bare root stock from some of the best suppliers in the country, including Walters Gardens and Four Star Sales in Michigan.  We strive to bring in the best quality starts on the market, bred for a tidy habit and bodacious blooms.  Almost all of our perennials are started from cuttings or tissue culture, which gives you a plant you can rely on to do what it says it will do.

Native Shrubs

Most of our natives are new and improved cultivars because those tend to be better suited to most contemporary gardens and landscapes.  Cutting-edge breeders like Proven Winners are producing more compact plants with better flower power.  We just love plants like Aphrodite sweetshrub, Pearl Glam beautyberry, and Fizzy Mizzy Itea.  Every plant we stock has to take the heavy clay and late spring frosts we have up here in the mountains of WNC!

For the 2024 season, we will be growing primarily 1 gallon Proven Winners shrubs, but we stock larger plants and many other varieties.


Evergreens are the backbone of the garden.  We just love the variety of evergreen conifers that we are lucky enough to be able to grow here.  The primary evergreens we carry are in the Thuja, Ilex, and Chamaecyparis families, because they just do so well in this area.  Standouts for us are green giants, emerald green arborvitae, soft touch holly, fernspray chamaecyparis, fire chief arborvitae, and DeGroots spire.

We grow and stock a wide variety of plants in small batches, with runs to wholesalers weekly throughout the season.  For specific plant inquiries please check out our inventory list page and/or contact us for special orders.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

In your service,

Ryan and Sarah

Not Sure What to Plant?  We are Here to Help.

Let us help you find the perfect plants for your landscape and orchard.  We offer friendly, personalized service and an easy place to pull up and load your beauties.

Getting here is a breeze.  We are located on a real purdy ridge in Weaverville, North Carolina – just 23 minutes north of downtown Asheville, and 8 minutes from exit 19A off hwy 26 towards Marshall.

Core Values

  1. Honesty:  No exceptions, we stand by the truth- even if that’s harder sometimes.
  2. Value:  We over-deliver for every customer, every time.
  3. Love:  We love plants — and people too.
  4. Fun:  This is a fun place. Fun to visit and fun to work at.
  5. Passion:  Growing things lights us up, and it shows.
  6. Gratitude:  We are grateful to be right where we are at this moment, even if it’s raining.
  7. Finally, and most importantly, we always try our darnedest to follow The Golden Rule:  We treat each and every person how we would like to be treated.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to delight our customers with beautiful plants and expert advice at a place that is warm, welcoming, and fun.

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Thomas Jefferson