Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we get asked at the nursery.  These are guidelines only; we truly want to help and will do our best to make exceptions whenever we can.

Do you offer wholesale?

We are a retail, container-grown outdoor plant nursery and are limited on how much volume we stock of individual plants.  If you need a lot of something or are a landscape professional looking to partner up, let’s talk!  We are looking for win-win partnerships with local landscapers and get trucks throughout the season (spring and fall).

Contact Ryan at or text 828-708-1468.

Do you accept credit cards?

We take cash, check, and every major credit card.

Do you give volume discounts?

We offer some volume discounts, particularly screening trees and groundcovers, depending on current inventory levels.  If you need a lot of something please contact Ryan at

Do you guarantee your plants?

Absolutely!  If your plant dies in the same year that you bought it (up to first frost), please let us know and we’ll replace it, or replace it with something that might work better in that space.  We want to make it right, and make sure that you are happy with our plants!  This excludes rhododendrons, grafted trees, azaleas, and discounted inventory.

Do you give a discount to veterans?

We genuinely appreciate our veterans and want to give back for your service.  In the past, we gave a general 10% discount but that didn’t work for us for several reasons.  Starting in 2024, we will be running two veteran-only plant sales on Memorial Day weekend and Veterans Day weekend, both offering 20% off most of our inventory.  We will also be expanding that to first responders (police, firefighters, and EMT.)

Doubling our discount for those weekends, we hope, is a win-win for all.  Thank you for your service!

**If you would like a reminder of the sale before it happens, the best way is to sign up for our newsletter, here.

Will you donate to our charity?

We love to give back to the local community and do our best to contribute to a few causes in particular.  If you are involved in substance abuse recovery, helping children, veterans, or those with mental illness in the local area, let us know how we can help.

Here are a few local charities that we are involved with:

Random Acts of Flowers


Asheville Recovery Center (ARC)

French Broad River Garden Club

Can you get me a Baobab tree? (etc…)

We wish, those are super cool.  With few exceptions, we stick to outdoor plants that do well in WNC, zone 6-7.  If it fits our zone, don’t hesitate to ask!

Do you have veggie starts, lantana’s, marigolds, or other annuals?

We grow and stock very few annuals.  We do get some in periodically when we can’t help ourselves, what’s worked for us in the past are snapdragons in spring, zinnia’s in summer, and pansies in fall.

Do you install plants?

Coming soon!  We currently do consultations during the winter months, pruning, and clean-up work.  We have a growing network of people we are happy to refer you to, some of which are on our local services page

When do you close for the season?

We try to stay open as long as possible, which is somewhat weather-dependent.  Officially we are open March 1st to October 31st, which we are hoping to extend in 2024 with the addition of a new hoophouse.  Woot woot!