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Aphrodite Sweetshrub

Proven Winners Shrubbery in Asheville

Is shrubbery even a word? Sounds a little old English, no?

If evergreens are the backbone of the garden, shrubs might be the torso. A great garden can be made with just woody shrubs, but (this might be controversial;) the opposite can’t be said about annuals and herbaceous perennials. A small bed of pollinator perennials can fit into a landscape and is fun to do, but without the structure of shrubs, both evergreen and deciduous, a great landscape isn’t made.

If shrubs are the foundation of the landscape, you want the best available.  We believe Proven Winners provides the best plant genetics on the market today. Plants from Proven Winners are bred for proven performance in the garden, with bigger, better blooms and consistent size.

When it comes to the most popular plants on the market today, Hydrangeas, Natives, Reblooming Azaleas, Bush Honeysuckle, or Butterfly Bush, you can bet that you’ll find the best in the white pots.

Most of the deciduous shrubs we grow are started from liners from Proven Winner’s suppliers in West and Central Michigan. Our program is currently focused on 1-gallon size, with limited amounts of 3 gallons, in addition to supplementing our inventory with 3-gallon plants from local wholesalers.

We find the 1-gallon size to be an economical and easy-digging choice for those of you with a little more patience. Fast-growing summer bloomers like Hydrangea paniculata and Buddleia are excellent choices in the 1-gallon size.

Here is a partial list of the Proven Winners shrubs we grow. For a complete grow list for 2024, please click here.



Calycanthus floridus






Weigela- New

Our season starts March 1st, with 3-gallons ready March/April, and current crop 1-gallons ready May. To see our current inventory, updated weekly, please see our Current Inventory page.

If we are missing any of your favorites, please let us know!