Local Referrals

Below are some friends and neighbors we have enjoyed working with in the past.  All of them have done great work for us at a fair price.

Please note that Flat Creek Plant Farm is not paid or connected as a business in any way to anyone on this list, and results may vary.

Tree Trimming

I’ve known Martin (Marty) for about 10 years.  He and I worked the pits at Luella’s BBQ way back when.  He does large tree trimming, wood chipping, excavating, and brush clearing.

He handles complex jobs, cutting down trees around structures that look to me like threading a needle.

He also has lots of hands available.  I tend to call Marty when I have bigger jobs that I need to get done, if you know what I mean.

You can find him on Facebook under Martin GrassNDecks, or call him at 828-407-6724.


Septic Repair and Install/Concrete/Excavation/Grading


Damian at DMP Construction is just awesome.  He’s Martin’s brother above and between the two of them they have the skills, equipment, and work ethic to get all kinds of work done.

My entire septic collapsed this year and Damian saved the day.  It was a tough job with big machines that needed to be squeezed into my front yard.  It was stressful, but he made sure it was done right and by the books.

If they don’t do it, they’ll know someone who does.

Damian, DMP Construction:  828-458-8161


We can’t say this enough:  If you want a green thumb, mulch.  Mulch thick and mulch often (every year ideally.)

We get our mulch from The Longest Yard.

For perennial and garden beds we get their triple ground hardwood, it’s that huge pile right outside their office and around $30/yard.  They usually have topsoil, potting soil, and all kinds of rock for your projects.  We’d give you their number but it wouldn’t do any good, they can’t really keep up with the phone.  Stop by and talk to Matt, he’ll take care of you.

Septic Pumping

We happen to be neighbors with Chad at North Buncombe Septic, and who knew how lucky we would be to have him close by.

This spring (22′), our drain field collapsed right in front of the nursery.  While we waited for the county..and waited,  we had to have the tank pumped every couple of weeks, and he really bailed us out.

He’s a really nice guy and always fair.  He does the pumping and most likely will be your first call if you have issues, but he has all the local connections you need to get work done.

Chad 828-775-1985

Wood and Laminate Floors/Decks/General Carpentry

Horacio at High Mountain Flooring did a bunch of work for us recently and was a pleasure to work with.  He started with our red oak floors and ended up doing our bathroom remodel and even expanding our countertops.

His brother does the staining and sealing, and he does the installation and repairs, so it’ll be two separate quotes but he can handle all that.  He is easy to work with, fast, accurate, and clean.

Horacio, High Mountain Flooring:  828-378-4234.  Based in Weaverville.