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tiny quick fire hydrangea, sun hydrangea, asheville hydrangeaThe Littlest Sun Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata are the easiest species of hydrangea to grow in Western North Carolina, and the least fussy hydrangea in general. They take heavy clay fairly well, grow fast on new wood in the summer (after our notorious spring frosts,) and are reasonably drought-tolerant. They are also cold hardy up to zones 3 or 4!

This comes with some trade-offs, however. While the blooms can be huge, they all come out white, fading to pink/red as they age, despite the marketing to the contrary. They also get quite large, with some of the older varieties easily growing to 8′ or more. Recent cultivars on the market have been increasingly compact, with quite a few out now that stay a more manageable 5′ or so. Even that can be a bit big for many spaces, especially when you compare the macrophylla varieties like Wee Bit that grow just 2 or 3’tall.

Introducing Tiny Quick Fire, the teeniest paniculata hydrangea out there, growing just 2-3′ tall. This is a very versatile shrub for Asheville landscapes in full sun, with long-lasting blooms all summer long. If you are looking for a shrub that’s a sure bet for blooms, easy to care for, and will fit almost anywhere, this one is worth checking out.

Also, because it’s in the quick-fire family, it’s an early blooming variety, with blooms coming as early as May!

This is a new variety for us to grow this year, and we hope you are as excited to check it out as we are.