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DIY Potting Table Out of a Metro Shelf

Here is a pretty neat project to do before the growing season starts. Using 2×4’s, you can frame out a metro shelf and use it to pot up trays of seeds or other pots without the mess. We used a 2×5, 5 rack shelf that I found on FB Marketplace, but you can use any size you want. We found that the 2′ depth is ideal because you can fit most wheelbarrows under it, but feel free to use as small as a 2’x3′ if space is tight.


3 or 4 Outdoor rated 2×4’s, depending on the size of your metro shelf and legs (we went 32″ for the legs, and used 4 2×4’s)

#12×3/4 self-tapping metal screws

wood glue (optional)

3″ outdoor deck screws

single metro shelf, ideally 2′ deep but any length will work

Simply frame out the metro shelf, attach the shelf with the self-tapping screws, then add your legs with a brace about a foot up from the base. We used wood glue for a little extra support at the joints, but that may be overkill.